Touristik Label - 1222MN20: Fosta cabană Voievodul - Poiana Muierii - Cabana Obârşia Lotrului


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There is a rusty signpost at the interesection between the road on Jiu Valley and Sterminos forest road (300 m downstream of the former Voievodul Hut). You follow the forest road, leave Fetita Mare forest road to the left and within 200 m of this intersection you go off the road onto a path climbing through the beech forest. The place is not signposted. Note that another 60 m uphill, there is a spring set up with a resting place. Therefore, you climb the well-defined zigzagging path, following the extremely old and poorly visible trail markers. After climbing steeply, over an elevation gain of 240 m, the path comes out on Sterminos Ridge. You continue on the wooded ridge and after another elevation gain of 240 m, you come out of the forest onto a beautiful plain culminating with a peak marked by a roadside cross. You are already at an elevation of approximately 1400 m. You walk past an abandoned sheepfold (the used one has been moved 170 m to the south) - the intersection with a road coming in from the right (south), which you join and cross a spruce forest clump to then reach a clearing. Unfortunately, you descend to a rather deep saddle. You cross an alternation of older clearings (now young forests), more recent clearings or spared forest areas. You come across several roads used for forest exploitation to advance smoothly in the desired direction by choosing the road closest to the ridge at all times. Finally, you get to the intersection with a more serious road, which takes you out into Muierea Meadow, where a functional sheepfold is located. From here, you follow a very good road, accessible to all types of cars, which descends lightly for 2 km to reach the DN67C Transalpina national road. This road is cut into the mountain side, initially to the left, then to the right and comes out onto the Transalpina in a large bend, a signpost indicating Muierea Meadow and a small timber structure to be found here. Note that Tartarau Pass (the boundary of Alba and Valcea counties) and the starting point of the red stripe trail marking leading to the Lotru Mountains are situated 1.5 km uphill. The trail continues – no trail markers now, of course – to Obarsia Lotrului Hut, situated 4.8 km into the DN67C national road.


Fosta cabană Voievodul - Muntele Sterminosu - Poiana Muierii - DN67C - Cabana Obârşia Lotrului




Trail marking is extremely poor throughout the beech forest and further on markers are absent.


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Fosta cabană Voievodul - Poiana Muierii - Cabana Obârşia Lotrului in Hunedoara, Vâlcea, Şureanu is a medium Hiking trail.


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