Touristik Label - 1222MN11: Cugir - Vf. Scârna - Cabana Şureanu


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From Cugir, you follow the paved road (DJ705F county road) along Raul Mic River for approximately 5 km, up to the intersection with the road climbing along Prihodiste Valley. There are no trail markers, however, a roadside cross and a tourist board showing the distances to various tourist attractions in this area can be found at this intersection (situated within 1.5 km downstream of Randunica Dam). Therefore, you climb along this road through the forest for over 4 km and come out onto the ridge, at a 5-way intersection. Here, you initially take the road that follows the same direction to then turn slightly to the left, past the houses of the picturesque Frasinet hamlet. Although there are no trail markers, it is not difficult to stick to the road that generally follows the ridge toward the south, via meadows, forest clumps and grazing lands. Upon reaching a larger meadow, you go around the left (east) of Fata Batrana Peak to then you come across two signposts, which are rare across this section. Then, you cross a longer forest section to then descend to a saddle, where Prislop Hut and other smaller huts are situated. You can reach this location by car, driving on the DJ705F county road via either Cugir or Orastie. You continue your hike via the forest, along the road cut through the mountain side (now well-marked by red triangle and red dot trail markers), bypassing the peaks around the left (northeast) and coming out at a large meadow hosting a sheepfold, where you bypass the bare Lupsa Peak also around the left. Then, you descend through an older cleared forest (now young) to reach Lupsa Saddle, where a signpost can be found and you split away from trail 12 (red dot). Here, you turn right and climb along a road cut into the mountain side, coming out at Certezul Ridge after approximately 1 km. Now, you follow this wooded ridge, cross a cleared area descending to a saddle, across a small forested peak and coming out at the grazing land after over 3 km from the signpost. There are no trail markers here. Back in the days when trails 4 (blue stripe) and 1 (red cross) did not exist, the red triangle marking used to make a shortcut to Sinca, leaving the ridge. However, at present, it is preferred to follow the ridge line in order to connect with the above-mentioned trails. Therefore, you cross over Scarna Peak and get to the intersection with the poorly marked trail 4 (blue stripe). Joined by it, you cross a small forest clump and then cross over Steaua Mica Peak. Upon reaching the next peak, you notice a secondary ridge splitting away from the ridge to the west, trail 4 descending with it. You continue along the ridge road and descend into a saddle (a sheepfold situated nearby), then you climb slightly, bypassing Steaua Mare Peak around the right (south), via a small forest clump. Then, you descend to Sinca Brook, a well-maintained forest road built along it to descend toward Raul Mic and Cugir. You climb again, past springs and a signpost indicating toward Godeanu Peak, and then you rest in Mlaci Saddle, where a roadside cross set up by the Ghise family can be found. Trail 12 (Red dot), which you left behind in Lupsa Saddle, also reaches this place. The road climbs Mount Rovina once more, but bypasses the following peak (Negru Peak) around the right (west), through a forest clump with several springs. There are no orientation difficulties from here on as signposts guide you for a long while. A walk along the smooth grassy mountain follows as you bypass Comarnicelu Peak, Gropsoare Peak, Bradul Peak and so on rather effortlessly. Equally, you can follow the unmarked road that runs over the peaks, used by off-road vehicles. If your time and mood allow it, once in Bradul Saddle, you can divert to get onto Sureanu Peak. This is also where the road cut into the mountain side descends to the ski domain. Within less than 100 m of the upper end of Ada chair lift there is a signpost where you turn left. Thus, you descend directly to Sureanu Hut, guided by the signposts, not before crossing a short wooded area. The picturesque must-visit Sureanu Lake is situated in the proximity of the hut.


Cugir - Râul Mic - Valea Prihodiştei - Frăsinei - lângă Vf. Faţa Bătrână - Cabana Prislop - lângă Vf. Lupşa - Curmătura Lupşei - Culmea Certezului - Vf. Scârna - Vf. Steaua Mică - Vf. Steaua Mare - Şaua Şinca - Curmătura Mlăcilor - lângă Vf. Negru - lângă Vf. Comărnicelu - lângă Vârful Gropşoare - lângă Vf. Bradul - lângă Vf. Şureanu - Cabana Şureanu




Trail markers are very scarce along the Cugir-Prislop Hut section, as well as along the section between Lupsa Saddle and beyond Negru Peak. In winter, it is recommended to closely follow the main ridge.


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Cugir - Vf. Scârna - Cabana Şureanu in Hunedoara, Alba, Şureanu is a medium Hiking trail.


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