Touristik Label - 322MN07: Ohaba-Ponor - Valea Morii - Boşorod


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You follow the paved road from the village of Ohaba-Ponor, which, at a certain point, suddenly turns right and climbs steeply toward Federi. Once at the southern edge of the village of Federi, where several garages can be found and the paved road ends, you leave it to go onto a narrow road climbing toward the north. The trail marking follows the rural roads of the village, nested within a natural amphitheater, from where you can admire the silhouette of the Retezat Mountains over Strei Valley. Once past the last house in the village, you cross a serpentine past an isolated cherry tree, then you come out onto a Karst plateau dotted with sinkholes. From the garages, you have hiked 3.5 km over an elevation gain of 300 m. Next comes a picturesque route with smooth ascents and descents, forest clumps, grazing lands, shelters, taking you around the sinkholes. You come across the embankment of a narrow old railway, now a narrow road, carved into the rock, over Fundatura Ponorici, the smaller sister of Fundatura Ponorului. Both are extremely picturesque, hunted by photographers and landscape enthusiasts, with meadows that the brook crosses before it disappears into the underground. After you walk between two sinkholes along a narrow stone wall, you leave the former railway to the left as you follow a path above some long northwest-oriented meadows. The approximately 3.7 km walk on the Karst plateau ends at the entrance into the forest, from where you descend steeply along a well-defined path, an elevation loss of over 100 m, to reach a meadow. From here, a narrow road quickly takes you down to a resting place. This is where the road comes in from Bosorod, which the trail markers start to follow. The road is in good condition and features an isolated 2.4 km paved section. Note that after 350 m from the beginning of the paved road you get to the confluence with Valea Rosie Valley, from where you can climb to the fortress of Piatra Rosie along Valea Rosie Valley for 1.7 km and then on the road marked with red triangle that zigzags up (trail 5).


Ohaba-Ponor - Federi - Dealul Robului - lângă Peştera Ponorici - Valea Morii - Valea Luncanilor - Luncani - Boşorod




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Ohaba-Ponor - Valea Morii - Boşorod in Hunedoara, Şureanu is a medium Hiking trail.


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