Touristik Label - 1220MN10: Lacul Bodi – intersecţie traseul BA


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From Suior-Mogosa Tourist Complex you can walk for a few hours to the central part of the Gutai. Get to the intersection with the red triangle trail that comes from Baia Sprie. However, due to the recent storms, the part of the trail that goes up from the national road to Bodi Mic Lake is almost entirely impossible to follow, so it is recommended to start the hike from Mogosa Hut Hotel. Once here, you can have a break on the shores of Bodi (Zanelor) Lake, watching Mogosa Peak, and then continue on the eastern shore of the lake. The red triangle marker heads to the edge of the forest, crosses a lake-side building below the old chairlift, and then, past some picnic tables. The entrance to the forest begins with a short descent, and the red triangle is accompanied by a cycling marking. A bit lower the path turns into a road and it follows the contour line to Suior chairlift, crosses the slope in an almost flat area and then moves onto another road on the other side of the ski slope. Another contour line remains above the buildings that make up Suior Hotel Tourist Complex and you finally walk past a barrier to reach the paved road. Follow the road that was once used for mining to the east, on concrete slabs, and soon get to an indicator that informs you that you still have to walk for about 1 hour, 1 hour and 1/4 to Boului Meadow. Within a few hundred meters, the marking turns to the left through the forest, following a path that runs parallel to the road made of concrete slabs. There are a few fallen trees here and after a few minutes you get to a point where you find out that there was another variant. You could have continues on the road made of concrete slabs and start the climb itself, avoiding the area with fallen trees. It is good to know and choose this second option. The trail climbs through the deciduous forest, and in a few hundred meters it gets to the intersection with a road for articulated tractors that you will eventually follow. There is a clearing in the middle of the forest, with a view of Mogosa Peak (1286 m) and Suior ski slopes. Get back into the forest and continue climbing until you reach the edge of the forest. From here you soon get to the intersection with the blue stripe trail, but you have to be careful because the trail is no longer visible. The direction you are going to follow is N-NW, and you can see the old pillars of a foundation on your right side. To the left, there are markers on solitary trees (beech and hornbeam) and, every now and then, there are markers on small rocks hidden in the big grass. Continue in the same direction and cross a brook, walk for 5 more minutes and reach the signpost marking the intersection with the blue stripe trail.


Lacul Bodi – zona pârtiei Şuior – DJ183C – intersecţie traseul BA




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Lacul Bodi – intersecţie traseul BA in Maramureş, Gutâi is an easy Hiking trail.
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