Touristik Label - 420MN02: sat Mara – Creasta Cocoşului


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The blue cross trail starts at the western end of Mara village, where the bridge on the national road indicates that a tributary flows into the Mara River. This is Hopsia Valley that flows from the north of the Gutai Mountains. A narrow and paved alley zigzags between the households about 1.5 km. At the last house the asphalt ends and the valley is accompanied by a forest road. This road is also accompanied by a blue “C” – cyclotourism marking. From here you follow the forest road as several roads for articulated tractors split to the left and to the right, but you continue along the valley, in a gentle climb, up to a long and broad meadow. At its upper limit, change direction, initially to the left, as the road returns to the forest, but then the direction is generally towards the south, southwest. After another 550 meters you have to be careful because the road continues to the left and you leave it, descending a little to the brook that you have to cross. The old marking is present and you climb on a narrow road that was probably used to pull logs and the waters have flown down on... Next you reach an intersection where the marking on a beech tree is accompanied by an arrow painted on the trunk. At this point you follow the road that looks like a natural tunnel of vegetation. You are getting closer and closer to get above the forest, and after another 200 meters this happens. From this point the trail follows a grassy road and continues to climb past two sheepfolds that are now abandoned. The markings are on old beech trees, but the cyclotourism marking that accompanied you in Hopsia Valley is also present. Once you get out of the forest, Creasta Cocosului appears in the background and it now gets closer. The blue cross trail goes to the intersection with the red stripe marking coming from Gutai Pass and from there the two trails run together to Creasta Cocosului.


sat Mara – Valea Hopşia – intersecţie traseul BR – Creasta Cocoşului




Trail marking is old, but it can be tracked.


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sat Mara – Creasta Cocoşului in Gutâi, Maramureş is a medium hiking trail.
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