Touristik Label - 1020MN04: sat Breb – Vârful Gutâi


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The blue triangle trail is probably the most recent trail in the Gutai massif, and it is recommended for mountain running (as you are informed on the board in the area of Gutai Peak). However, you can start the trail from Inima Maramuresului guesthouse in the village of Breb. Although there is no sign to mark the presence of the blue triangle, the starting point can easily be traced because there are several information boards there and a map of the village. The blue triangle leads you through the village in southwestern direction. Once you walk past a trinity, you continue straight ahead, to the west, past a traditional crafts house, and then turn slightly to the left and the inhabited area soon remains behind. From here up, the trail follows dirt roads that zigzag through the grasslands that belong to the villagers. There are various intersections with other roads, but with little attention the marking can be traced without problems. The gentle climb takes you past two sheepfolds, over Pietraru Peak (808 m), getting closer to the edge of the forest, but just before this happens, you walk past an impressive oak marked with the blue triangle. Once you get into the forest, change direction several times as the slope becomes steeper and you start zigzagging up on a forest road. You soon get to an area where the young trees with markers have been knocked down and, walking on a wider path, you reach the intersection with Mariuta Road. Unfortunately, the next part of the trail has been marked by forest cutting as well as by the storm of September 2017. Thus, the forested slope below Gutai Peak is now almost entirely bare and a part of the fir trees bearing the blue triangle are also down. However, the way has been cleared and it can be followed, still accompanied by dust (or mud in case of it rain). There are many roads for articulated tractors and a broad and rocky path that you leave behind. At the end of it, you return to a deciduous forest, where the path can be traced even if there are a few fallen trees on the way. From the glade before this forest cluster there is a beautiful view of Trei Apostoli Peak and Gutai Peak. When you get up above the edge of the forest, the narrow path makes its way between dwarf pines and climbs to the main ridge. The junction is marked by a signpost, which informs you that from the village of Breb you have done 9.5 km. You can continue the hike either to Creasta Cocosului or to Trei Apostoli on the path accompanied by the red stripe.


sat Breb – Valea Sunătoarelor – Vârful Pietrarul – Vârful Gutâi




This trail is only recommended for well-trained hikers. In winter there are portions that can only be crossed with crampons.


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sat Breb – Vârful Gutâi in Maramureş, Gutâi is a hard hiking trail.
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