Touristik Label - 620MN01: Pasul Gutâi – Creasta Cocoşului – Pasul Neteda


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The red stripe trail starts from DN 18 national road (Baia Mare – Sighetu Marmatiei), from Gutai Pass (987 m), or from Pintea Viteazul Inn. From the inn, cross the road and climb through the forest on the marked path. It leads you on the contour line, around Magura Peak, and then out into the wide Boului Meadow. Here you have the first view of the surroundings, and you can recognize Mogosa Peak and the ski slopes of Suior. The red stripe continues on the contour line, and soon, the blue stripe splits to your right. This is the intersection with "Mariuta Road" – of historical importance, used by the imperial carriages of Maria Theresa in the 18th century. Climb through the meadow, cross the road that once made the connection between Suior and the national road, and then reach Masa Domnilor (the Table of the Lords) – the ancient picnic spot for the queen's convoys. You can note the presence of a red C-cyclotourism marking that runs alongside the main ridge trail and, together, the two trails lead you to the gravel road below the power line. After several ups and downs, you reach Saritoarea lui Pintea, a small steep cliff in one of the forest patches that you cross. The next section is through meadows, with the silhouette of Secutara Peak (1392 m) and Creasta Cocosului in front of you. When you get closer to the ridge, you can see that the slope becomes steeper, but there are also several variants of the road marked with red stripe. They all go in the same direction and, once you reach the edge of the forest, you get to the intersection with the border of the protected area that you are going to cross. While a signpost informs you that the red triangle from Breb has climbed all the way up to here, some information panels at the edge of the forest attract your attention. On this occasion you can have a short break as the marked path will start to climb steeply through the forest. For the first part there are some railings and other information boards, and then the path zigzags between dwarf pines and leads you to the alpine area. Finally, you get very close to Creasta Cocosului, at a point where in good visibility you can see the ridge of Rodnei, Tibles or Maramuresului mountains, Maramures Depression, Ignis plateau. From the area of the ridge the path descends into a saddle, to the southeast, crossing over the highest peak, Gutai Peak (1443 m), and around (west) the rocky protrusions of Trei Apostoli Peak (1398 m). Up to the highest point, the path runs through a maze of dwarf pines, then dry bushes, and there are no trail markers. They reappear in the area of Gutai Peak. From Trei Apostoli Peak, the trail descends steeply to the edge of the forest, then it takes you into a saddle with several fallen trees, at which time the steep slope subsides. Some gentle ups and downs take you to the south and then you reach the upper boundary of a clearing that was meant for future ski slopes. The yellow stripe trail climbs on one of these variants, used by hikers going up from Icoana – Cavnic ski slopes. Return to the main ridge trail and the last part to Neteda Pass (1058 m) is characterized by intersections with numerous forest roads, while the marking only appears from time to time. Before you reach the asphalt that crosses Neteda Pass you have to turn right onto the road and climb a few meters.


Pasul Gutâi – Poiana Boului – Drumul Măriuţii – Creasta Cocoşului – Vârful Gutâi – Vârful Gutâiului Mic – Pasul Neteda




There are no trail markers between Creasta Cocosului and Gutai Peak area. This trail is only recommended for well-trained hikers. In winter there are portions that can only be crossed with crampons.


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Pasul Gutâi – Creasta Cocoşului – Pasul Neteda in Maramureş, Gutâi is a hard hiking trail.
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