Touristik Label - 620MN03: sat Hărniceşti – sat Breb – intersecţie traseul BR-CR


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On DN 18 national road, in the village of Harnicesti you find the first indicator that guides you to Hoteni tarns. Leave the main road and follow the paved alley through the village, in the absence of the red cross marking, but at the intersection with the road to Ocna Sugatag (DN 185) another indicator confirms your direction. The marking appears at the church of Hoteni, and after a few hundred meters an indicator leads you eastwards towards Hoteni Tarns and Peat Bog Nature Reserve. Because it's not a long way up, about 1 kilometer, you leave the big road and climb on a secondary road. In a few hundred meters you reach the hill where a signpost confirms that you are on the right track. This is followed by another signpost that informs you that there are 500 m to your destination. Now, change direction and enter a young forest clump and then walk past several trees that seem to belong to the orchards of the village. The less walked path leads you to the edge of an agricultural land and then you change direction to the right and reach the edge of the protected area. Here, there is a tarn and some information boards, but the marked path does not end here. Walk to the southwest between plum trees and then a footpath takes you through Hoteni peat bog. Here, before the summer, you can see Eriophorum angustifolium, commonly known as common cottongrass. From this point you turn back into the village and from there you continue towards Breb. The narrow road between the two settlements is paved and even though there are pits, it can be done by any car. In Breb you walk past the old wooden church, past the school and then a signpost indicates that it is time to change direction and leave the asphalt behind. The gravel road on Caselor Valley takes you between the households and after the last houses it turns into a cart road. It follows the village grasslands and after about 5 kilometers you reach a new thematic intersection. This time, it's a short round trip to Morarenilor Tarns, shorter than the one of Hoteni. This is also a protected area and from the bank of the lake you can see Creasta Cocosului. Return to the intersection and continue on dirt roads, sometimes rocky, with clearings, in a constant climb. Gradually, you get closer to the alpine area of the massif. However, you first get to the intersection with Mariuta Road, where you can have a break for hydration, as there is a spring in the area. Here you can see the traces of an old deforestation and also the absence of the marking. Continue westward and, once you cross the once deforested area, reach a compact forest where the road takes you on the contour line to the edge of the forest. Cross a brook and reach the edge of Chendroaia Tarns – an area with peat bogs. From here you can see the profile of Creasta Cocosului and by continuing for about 1 km, you reach the intersection with the red stripe trail.


sat Hărniceşti – sat Hoteni – deviaţie până la Rezervaţia  Tăurile şi Turbăria de la Hoteni – sat Breb – Valea Caselor – Tăul Morărenilor – Tăurile Chendroaiei – intersecţie traseul BR-CR




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sat Hărniceşti – sat Breb – intersecţie traseul BR-CR in Maramureş, Gutâi is a hard hiking trail.
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