Touristik Label - 1003MN13: Parva - Între Rebre - Tarniţa La Cruce


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The trail starts in the village of Parva, 17 km away from DN 17D. Once you leave the paved road, at the end of the village, follow the forest road along Valea Rebra valley. In a few hundred meters, the signpost on the left side of the road indicates the starting point of the blue dot trail (Trail 15). The fast waters of Rebra stream are on the right as you walk ahead. After several kilometers, come across the signpost marking the starting point of the trail on Valea Ursului valley (yellow cross, ongoing project). There is a wooden shelter on the left side of the road. Next, cross the valley to the other side. Come across some meadows, a sheepfold and an old forest lodge. From the signpost marking the starting point of the trail on Valea Ursului valley, walk for approximately 6 more km to Cantonul Izvorul Negru forest lodge, where you come across the blue dot trail marker. The next bifurcation is in the place called Gura Rebra, a meadow with several holiday cottages and a forest range lodge. There is a bifurcation with one road to the left, marked with yellow dot, coming over the hills from Zavoaiele Borcutului meadows (Trail 16), and another to the right, from Valea Rebra valley. There are power poles along the road from Gura Rebra to Intre Rebre (most now being destroyed). In a larger meadow, on the left side of the road, you can see the ruins of a former building used by the miners in the area. The blue cross trail (Trail 17) starts from the place called Intre Rebre, on Valea Obarsia Rebrii valley. The blue triangle continues for 4 km along the forest road on Valea Guset valley, then the road disappears, as it has been destroyed. From this point, enter the wild portion of the longest valley in Rodna Mountains. For about one hour and a half step on the rocks in the water in an attempt to make your way to the initial source of the valley, as the path does no longer exist. The distance between the rocks is sometimes too big, so it is necessary to face the fast and cold waters, deep to the knees. This difficult part ends when you get closer to a sheepfold. The blue triangle trail markers are very rare and unclear. Cross the water one more time and follow the path up to the sheepfold (a newer sheepfold right at the edge of the forest). Walk along the path through the animal pens and the shepherds’ hut. A gradual climb takes you through fir trees for a few hundred meters. This contour line leads to the second sheepfold, just before the beginning of the steep ascent. From here, follow the blue triangle trail. First, walk straight ahead, then cross a creek and move towards the black wooden cross at the foot of the hill that you have to climb. The trail disappears. Try to follow the shepherds’ paths. Trail markers appear occasionally, but they are difficult to follow in bad weather. Gain altitude and, to the right (east), you can see the peaks on the main ridge and on the southern crests (Cormaia, Pietros, Tapului). The slope becomes more gradual only after one hour, when you get closer to the ridge, which you come across on the road that comes from Varful Batrana peak. Turn right and reach Tarnita La Cruce in 3-4 minutes.


Parva - Gura Rebra - Între Rebre - Tarniţa La Cruce (1981 m)




The trail is inaccessible in winter between sheepfold from Valea Guset valley - Tarnita la Cruce saddle. The upper part of Valea Rebra valley is wild, many areas are without a path.


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Parva - Între Rebre - Tarniţa La Cruce in Maramureş, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Rodnei is a medium hiking trail.
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